Friday, 7 June 2013

Idle Hands ........

....not me.  I might have had my workspace taken from me - temporarily I might add - but have I idled the time away - no.  Just thought you would like to see a couple of creations I have worked on - there will be more to come until my space is sorted out!  ...... and those who have grandchildren will know that there is always something to do.

 Cardigan for my three year old - soon to be four - granddaughter - still needs a button at this stage and I have found a little flower shaped button to put in the centre of the flower as well.  I think that will go quite well.

A little set for a newborn granddaughter - and yes I realise the bootees are in white - dark pink ones to match are on their way.  The wool is Debbie Bliss Merino - beautifully soft and perfect for a new born.

Well I'm off to buy some more wool now - doesn't look like I will have my workspace  back any time soon. Will let you know what comes next - although I think I may have to spend a little time in the garden now that the sun has decided to make a show.

Have a good day.


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